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  • [published by: ronny]
    Fri, 2011Sep30

    lately, there have been many improvements to libbtng, most notable:

    • in the script interpreter, several bugs have been fixed and the ans forth FILE word set has been implemented.
    • the oof.fs script (implementing a object model in forth) has been heavily improved.
    • there was an extensive rewrite of bdbedit to easy further maintenance. all the handling of specific column types was sourced out to plug-ins. and there is a new column type keyword which allows to define a list of valid keywords for a column of that type. in record data, only references to the keywords are stored. this way it is easy to change all occurrences of a keyword within a single edit. it also prevents typos when editing record data.

    the complete changes are (as always) available in the [ext link] libbtng repository.

    there were site updates, too. the wiki parser has been rewritten to give better performance and i tuned some css and server settings to speed up page loading.

  • [published by: ronny]
    Sat, 2010Apr03

    new libbtng features freshly checked in:

    btFile data type

    this type combines all the stuff that is needed when dealing with files:

    • the file path
    • the file pointer
    • automatic handling of temporary files
    • support for open FILE pointers

    calls to fopen() and fclose() can simply be replaced by calls to btFOpen() and btFClose(). only the FILE type must be replaced by btFile. use btFOpenTemp() in place of btFOpen() to create temporary files, which are opened r/w (mode wb+) by default and are removed upon execution of btFClose (unless the evironment variable BTNG_KEEP_TEMPFILES is set). open FILE pointers can be used via btFileFromFP(). this function can also be used for stdin and co.

    btRegEx data type

    implementing a simple regular expression matcher, it is used by the search function of bdbedit and the stand-alone tool btgrep (see there for usage details). the following operators are currently implemented:

    • . matches any single character
    • ^ matches the beginning of the input string
    • $ matches the end of the input string
    • * matches zero or more occurrences of the previous character
    • + matches one or more occurrences of the previous character
    • ? matches zero or one occurennces of the previous character

    of course, btRegEx can deal with utf-8 strings.

  • [published by: ronny]
    Sun, 2010Mar28

    some more site updates. news are stored now within a database instead of flat files. this allows users having the permissions to create news to edit news topics within the browser. it uses a simple markup “language”, similar to the markup of wikis.
    it allows the use of the following items:

    • headlines
    • paragraphs
    • (nested) lists, both ordered and unordered
    • internal and external links
    • bold and italic text
    • monospaced text

    by now this is a rather quick'n'dirty hack, but it works. it will be improved in future to make it more userfriendly and safe.

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